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Sunshine for better living - TrueSun ceiling window light

Ceiling window light to create natural atmosphere


LedStore TrueSun sunlight simulation System-mimics sunshine shinning indoors through a window. Just like a real skylight.

  • High quality sky & clear clouds create natural scene.
  • Bright sunshine follows daylight spectrum (IR).
  • Simulate the daylight changes from dawn to dusk as the natural time rhythm.

You can intall our sky window lighting system recessed or surface mounted.

Light panel sizes vary from 300x1500 to 600x1200. Round and square model.

TrueSun sky window

Natural Light Spectrum

Natural sunlight spectrum includes various colors such as: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and many more, which should reflect the true colors of objects.

The TrueSun artificial daylight system uses the latest LED technology with best possible LED chips that mimics sunlight spectrum. This means that he color rendering index (CRI) is 98% (sunlight is 100).

High Cri examples

Natural light scenes

TrueSun artificial daylight - uses technologies to simulate daylight. This brings outdoor light inside:

  • the blue sky
  • white clouds
  • bright sunshine

This technology helps to bring natural elements and a comfortable environment to inside. Natural feeling light will fulfill dream for natural and beautiful enviroment and you will enjoy warm sunshine feel anytime.

Clouds and sun

Natural light changes

With LedStores TrueSun artificial daylight, you can create dynamic atmosphere changes in your room that align with the needs of your circadian physiological rhythm.

It also synchronizes the 24-hour sunlight cycle automatically according to your time zone (location).

Natural light changes

Controlling the Sun

TrueSky lights can be controlled with a wall panel (unlimited lights) or an APP.

Different controllers

In settings you can select your timezone, and light will change luminance and color automatically with sun. Easy! You can also use DALI system to control lights.

Be God! Control the sun!

You can also take control and adjust light settings accordint to your mood!

Controlling TrueSun lights

Light = Health

Sunlight, clean air, and water make up the three basic components of life. The physical and mental well-being of individuals is significantly influenced by sunlight.

Sunlight can enhance one's mental well-being affect on physiological health.

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The effects of LED Lights on our circadian rhythm

Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms are internal biological processes that regulate sleep-wake cycles, hormone production and other body functions. These rhythms are controlled by the body’s “biological clock”, located in the hypothalamus of the brain.

The biological clock is responsible for regulating the timing of various physiological processes, such as hormone release and sleep-wake cycles. One of the most important cues that regulate the biological clock is light.

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Lights help with depression

Happy moment

The potential benefits of using lighting to improve mood and reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety are huge.

If people live in an environment that lacks sunshine for a long time, it will cause depression and affect people’s mental health. LED lighting technology has made it possible to mimic natural light patterns and create customized lighting solutions.

Studies have shown that exposure to certain types of light can have a positive effect on our mental health.

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Lights reduce eye strain when used correctly

Tired eyes at workspace

Lighting conditions seem to contribute to reducing eye strain at home and in the office. Good lighting conditions has been shown to have a number of benefits for eye health and alertness.

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Application places for ceiling window light



TrueSun home installation

According to Finlay study on homes, natural light is deemed to be most significant feature of home. Over 60% of respondents who think that.

Finlay,, (2012) study

According to a WHO survey conducted in eight European cities, people who claim that their homes don't get enough natural light are more likely to suffer from depression and falls.

Brown, 2011 study



TrueSun Basement InstallationBecause land is expensive, subterranean space is used more frequently. It needs a lot of light to feel like the rest of the house even without windows. The basement is frequently used as a living room, recreation area, and place to have fun.

These days, a lot of public space is constructed underground, so having adequate lighting is crucial. The TrueSun sunlight simulation system can replicate indoor sunlight and infuse life into a closed underground space.


Office space

TrueSun Office installation

More than 60% of office workers would prefer direct sunlight in their workspaces at least part of the year. 

Christoffersen, (1999) study

The pleasant atmosphere created by natural light reduces the work pressure, promotes the health of employees, and improves work efficiency and economic benefits.

L. Edwards and P. Torcellini (2002) study


Retail and shops

TrueSun Led panel retail installation

Nancy Clanton, a lighting consultant with Clanton Engineering Inc., said that daylighting is “a whole different way of looking at box retail. Daylighting brightens the ceiling and brings people into the store”.

Chief architect of Southern California Edison, Gregg D. Ander, applied daylighting to stores for the largest retailer in the country and possibly the world. Ander said this retail chain has had successful sales for the daylit stores in the district. When comparing about 11 stores, the daylit stores sold 28% more products.

L. Edwards and P. Torcellini (2002) study



TrueSun Led panel Health care installation

More than 60% of office workers would prefer direct sunlight in their workspaces at least part of the year. 

Christoffersen, (1999) study

The pleasant atmosphere created by natural light reduces the work pressure, promotes the health of employees, and improves work efficiency and economic benefits.

L. Edwards and P. Torcellini (2002) study



Artifical sun TrueSun Led panel at school

Natural lighting can improve the concentration of students and teachers, improve test scores, relieve fatigue, and promote the healthy growth of students.

Rifqi, (2000) Study

A study revealed that students had a 20% better learning rate in math and 26% improved rate in reading when they had more access to daylight

Sadik, (2015) Study

Confirming another study’s finding that classrooms with large windows were associated with 15-23% of the improvement in students’ exam results.

Heschong, (2002) Study


Sunlight skywindows

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  1. TrueSun 600x1200 kattoikkuna valaisin, 240W, CRI98
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    • Pyöeä 600mm kattoikkuna valopaneeli
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    • Täysi lämpötila-alue 2700K-10000K!
    • Luonnollinen valospektri CRI98
    • 3000 Lux 3 metrin päässä!
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